Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Reflections


Normally my Saturdays are spent on the couch catching up on TV that I've taped on the Tivo and ordering in lunch. Yesterday was going along that same route but there was a knock on the door. Usually no one EVER knocks on my door on Saturday unless it's a Jehovah Witness wanting to leave me something. Luckily I had PJs on so I answered the door. It wasn't Jehovah's but it was a nice man and little lady from the Baha'i Center up the street. They wanted to know if I had the time to listen to them. 

Most people know I'm not a person that goes to church but I am spiritual. I do believe in God and I know there is a Heaven and Hell and in the end we're all going to have to stand in front of Him to confess our sins before we start our final journey. I'm a person that listens to people of all faiths then I ask God what I should do. I figured it wouldn't hurt to sit with them so we talked. In listening to them yesterday I learned the story of Baha'u'llah, The Bab, and Abdu'l-Baha and the trials and tribulations they went through spreading the word of God. This doesn't mean I'm going to be running into a Baha'i Center and start practicing their religion but I am very intrigued in the message. While I am DC I am taking a Gift of Prayers and writings they gave me. I may share some of them, if you're interested.

It's amazing what people have suffered to spread the Truth..and the truth is so simple. Love God, love yourself and love others. It's so simple but it's so hard to do. Why is that? I know I'm not perfect. There are days I don't love myself and there are times when I don't love others (that's the case now). But I don't think there's ever been a case where I haven't loved God. I will admit I curse him and question his actions. Why would God take the young and innocent but leave bad people on Earth to spread evil and hate? 

These are questions I won't get in this life but when I sit down to talk to him on the other side I hope to gain those answers.

Well the WWE Royal Rumble is getting ready to start so I'm going to end it here. I love you all....well maybe all of you.

Peace, Love and Thick Blankets!

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