Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daily Motivator for Wednesday


Sorry I missed yesterday but I wasn't really in the mood to post so I didn't. 

Last night I found this site named I found some freaking hilarious stuff. It's just people with webcams that have shows. I didn't look to see if there was anything naughty on there but I think their rules are that you can't have nudity. Anyway, go take a look when you have a chance. 

Here is today's Motivator:

Still to come

Be thankful for what is. And be thankful also for what has not yet come to you.

For that is where the possibilities are. And those possibilities have no limit.

Value what you already know, and also value the countless things you don't yet know. For in what you do not know, there is the joy of learning and discoveries to come.

Find peace in the thought that you cannot ever have it all or know it all. For if you did, there would be nothing more to experience.

The best is yet to come. For you have the opportunity to choose it all from the boundless field of possibilities.

There is great value in where you have been, in what you have done, and in all that you now have. And always, so very much more is still to come.

-- Ralph Marston

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