Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Motivator for Monday

Happy Monday everyone.

Sorry for getting this out so late but I had to work on some items and then I got sidetracked on something else and's 2pm already!'s the Motivator for today:


Patience saves you money. Patience saves time, reduces stress, and improves your relationships.

With patience, you have the ability to achieve things that are simply not possible without it. Using patience, you can more fully understand and be understood.

Looking at life with patience, you can uncover and experience rich treasures that you otherwise never would have known about. Living with patience, you develop the persistence to create great and valuable things.

Patience does not mean sitting back and doing nothing. On the contrary, patience means always doing the very best you can do, while understanding that the results you seek will not come immediately.

Patience is the acknowledgement that the quality of life is much more important than the quantity of things with which you fill it. Patience is the willingness to accept what is, for right now, while putting all you have into creating the best that can be.

Make the most of the many opportunities life provides for you to practice patience. With patience is your life fully and richly lived.

-- Ralph Marston

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