Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daily Motivator for Tuesday


I passed out really early last night but not early enough to watch some of the football game. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Here's the Motivator for today:

Offer real value

There is always much work to be done. There is always great value to be created.

Plenty of problems are waiting to be solved. And each problem represents opportunity.

All kinds of dreams are longing to be realized. Those dreams add incalculable positive power to life.

Choose to tackle the difficult problems with effectiveness and persistence, and you will gain great rewards. Learn to deliver the real value and substance that the world seeks, and your efforts will always be in demand.

Conditions are constantly changing, and yet some things will always be true. Those people who make themselves the most useful will enjoy life's richest treasures.

Choose to be creative, flexible, productive, effective, efficient and generous with the best that is within you. Offer real value to the world, and the world will surely return the favor in abundance.

-- Ralph Marston

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