Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Does South Carolina really close at 10pm?

When we last left the Crazy Black Man he was in heavy contemplation on what how he should take this blog....

I think I've come to a decision...The first thing I am going to do is start writing more than a couple times a month. This could possibly mean that it would cut my talk time at night or put a halt to my "quiet time" after work, but I think it's best. I've actually been missing this, and the comments I used to bet as they would start very interesting conversations. It made me come out of my box and think about things I would have never dared bring up.

The next thing I'll do is start discussion current events and issues that are important to me. As I have been reading Ricki's blogs it makes me realize there is so much out there to examine and spread to the world. I know I am one voice, but lots of people have moved why not me??

Isn't it awesome when a plan comes together??

Anyway, last week about this time K and I were on our way to Savannah en route to Myrtle Beach for some MUCH NEEDED R&R. The trip wasn't as bad as I thought. I remember her telling me once before that she didn't like being in the car for long periods at a time, so I was glad that she drove so we didn't have to worry about that.

Thursday came and we continued our trip to MB-SC. I got a chance to meet her friends. As with any first meet it can be slow to get to know them, but I think we all hit it off after drinks..plenty of them.. :) We walked around and went a really cool aquarium that is sponsored by Ripley's. We had a blast in there and I got to pickup creatures..which is always fun. Since we had no pics of the black man. Dinner was fun as we did Hibachi and then off to a bar for drinks and darts..and more drinks..and more darts...then it was time to leave so I had to steal a nice glass... :)

St. Patty's Day was rough for me to get going because of the night before, but we did some pretty cool things. Going to a haunted house and playing mini-golf forever was a nice change of pace instead of drinking til I puked. I think K liked it too cause she didn't have to take care of me.

Saturday was travel day back to Tally, but we stopped in Darlington, I could go to "The Mecca". Darlington is where the first "Super Speedway" of NASCAR was born, so of course I had to stop. I know K hates NASCAR (or NECKCAR as she calls it), but she was a good sport and humored me as I took pictures and she took pics of me in Victory Lane and other places around the track. I had a blast.

Bojangles is without a doubt the best fast food place in the world..'nuff said.

Sunday was sad as I had to see her go, but then I knew there was so much to do here I had no time for tears...and I've been busy ever since.

This weekend I was planning to go to Tampa, but my plans have changed, so I'll have to adjust it a week. Please say a prayer for Vic and his family...they need the good vibes.

I was going to rant on a subject that's near and dear to my heart, but after talking to my GF it doesn't really seem that important now, so I will end it here for tonight.

Take care of yourself and tell someone you care about you love them. You never know if it's the last time.

I love you all...even the one I hate.


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