Friday, October 7, 2005



It's been a over a week since I've written. I have to tell you things at the house have been busy. K has been with me off and on the past couple weeks and it's been really cool. We've done boring things like run errands, go out to dinner, sit at home and play know..boring stuff.

Anyway, this weekend FSU plays Wake Forest (or Weak Florist as some people call it) and it should be a great time. K is going to the game and my best friend and his wife is coming up as well. I see in my future a lot of tailgating and drinking by everyone involved tomorrow.

Back to my boring existance...I have been a pretty independent person since the divorce and I thought that having someone at the house when I get home every evening would be something that I wouldn't like. Let me tell you something...I love it! It's nice to have someone to come home to and someone to sleep with. I can't wait for the future...stay tuned...

I've been thinking the past few weeks that I want to start a new hobby. I am taking suggestions. Please let me know what I should get involved with. It shouldn't cost alot and something that is fun. All comments are taken.

Anyway, I need to get back to work, but I wanted to check in. Maybe if I get a free moment I'll update on the activities of the weekend. Man, if there was a way to blog from the tailgate slot I would.

Until's been a pleasure!

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Sitting Buddy said...

For your new hobby, I think you should learn to play soccer.