Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Ramblings...

Hey there.

Yes, it's me.

I'm finally back ready to write again. It's been a really nice break not putting words into this blog. I've read the comments that's been posted by some readers calling me slacker and other nice things. I figure that if I didn't have anything to say why would I waste your time and mine? Besides, I hate sitting in my office doing this stuff. I much rather do it in the bedroom with a laptop. I actually forgot to bring one home tonight, so I figured I would try it again here at the desk and see if I like it. I can already tell you I don't.

Anyway, I've had a blast since as far as my personal life goes since I've written in here last. K and I have been hanging out when we get time and it's been really nice traveling to her work site to see her and spend time together. I guess the perk of traveling is that she can come home to me in the hotel room when she's had a long day at work.. :) Things did get a little dicey a couple weeks ago and we almost called it quits. I don't talk to many people at work about my personal life because where I work can be kind of a "place of drama". I did confide at work to one of my super close friends. She helped me an awful lot while I was going through my seperation and divorce from J, so I know thatI can trust her and nothing would go past wherever we talk.

I told K that I let my work buddy know about us a while ago, but when she was in town to do some training she showed up in the shop and when I told K who that she was she forgot about our conversation and kinda freaked out. I could understand that completely because she's never really met this person one on one, but I got the feeling that she didn't trust me in the friends that I keep. We talked and I told K that I would understand if she didn't want to be with me anymore because of the situation, but we've worked it out and I think we're a very strong couple now.

If there is a fault to me I know that I am way too honest. I was in a marriage where there wasn't any honesty and I didn't want this relationship to be like that. I know how to lie, but why is there ever a need to? If you can't be truly honest and comfortable with the one you're with then why are you with them in the first place? Well, that's what I think anyway. Flame me if you want...

As far as the workplace it still sucks. Yes, I am going to get a promotion to a Telecommunications Supervisor and I get to take over the Imaging and Distribution Center (i.e. Mailroom and Printshop) I think it's nice because I get all my leave time up front and I don't have to pay for insurace. The bad part is that I will be an "at will" employee so my ass can be shown the door at anytime. I do have my task ahead of me because I do have people under me with such varying skill sets that it's going to be hard to get them on board with my way of thinking, but hey, if I can't do it, that's what Supervisor Training is for. As I can't wait for the increase in pay and all the other stuff that comes with it, part of me doesn't want any of it. I wanted to move closer to my friends and K in Central Florida. I couldn't say no to this offer because in State Government it's pretty hard to get to be a supervisor unless you know someone so I feel very fortunate that they looked at my ability and are giving me this shot. I honestly don't plan to make this my final stop, but it has to be for at least one Performance Review period. If I get great marks, I'll take that to the next level and start looking for new work...but now I'll have supervisory experience.

So, do you think I am making the right choice? I mean, I love K with all my heart and want to be close to her, but I have to take this next step, right? Long distance relationships do suck ass because when you have a bad day and want to talk face to face there is no one there for you. We have the phone, but personal contact is so much better. We'll have this year to see if we can make it work. I think we can, but you honestly don't know what the future brings.

Onto other things, if you didn't know we had a small weather storm called Hurricane Dennis a couple weeks ago. When I knew that the track was going to take it to P-cola I knew right then to call Mom and tell her to come with the family over here to Tally. If it took a turn and headed towards us at least we were all together. The family came over on Saturday before the storm hit and we all piled into my home. I don't think I've had that many people here since the Bachelor Party I had for a friend of mine a few years ago. The weather got really bad over here, but not like it was over in Milton, Pace and Pensacola. After looking at the weather pictures, the eye came ashore near Navarre Beach and came directly over Milton and Pace. There was some pretty good damage over there. This time my sister's place wasn't as lucky. It's pretty much a loss. The FEMA mobile home that my mom is in didn't have a scratch on it except for some skirting around the house was blown off. My uncle's house next door had no damamge, which was good because they just did get the new roof put on a month or so ago. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to go over and check out what happened and if I can take pictures I will try and place them on my website. Keep the people in the Panhandle in your thoughts and prayers. They really need some healing vibes over there. BAD.

I hope that all of you have a great week. Work will be hectic this week, but I get to see my K Friday and my friends in O-town Saturday and some Sunday before I follow K to her next work site for an nice quiet evening of "quality time".

Can't wait to see ya, babe..I am counting the hours.....


Tomorrow is my ex-wife's B-day (July 19) I know you might think that I hate her, but I never have and never will. As much as I joke about the shit that happened with her and I, she will always have a place in my heart and I hope that you guys that know her send her an e-card for her b-day. I know she has her family and they will do something I'm sure, but most of you guys were her friend too along with being mine, so I am sure she would enjoy the kind gesture. You can look on the FSU Band Alumni Site for her email address...and it ain't gonna be under Staden... :)

Love you all.


Tim said...

Glad everything worked out for your folks! I was worried since you hadn't posted in awhile.

I'm also happy that things are working out with you and K. You're making tough choices in life right now, but you'll be better for it, and eventually get where you want to be. You can take that supervisory experience anywhere. I know what it's like to be pigeonholed into a job, believe me.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your PS: you're a better man than I.

vbda97arpr said...
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