Monday, April 25, 2005

After sitting at home on a Friday night...

Watching the FSU-Florida Game from 1989, it's amazing to think that we talk about the talent we have today and how they are "the best talent that Florida State ever recruited."

I think it's a complete bunch of crap. I guess that means the likes of the Peter Tom Willis', the Edgar Bennett's, the Dexter Carter's and all the big time receivers that we had back then meant nothing.

Let's take a look at the last few years of FSU Football and I'll make some comments afterward:


  • Let's start with the Orange Bowl debacle of 2000, even though a part of a successful season, not to sound superstitious, but after the goose-egg performance of the Offense in that game, you almost wonder if this was an ominous sign of the Offensive woes to come under Jeff Bowden.

  • The circus that was the hiring of Jeff Bowden and the struggle over the nepotism rules; the major root of our problems the last 4 years and a big reason we have sunk, along with our O stats, in the eyes of the national media.

  • The death of Devaughn Darling; definitely one of the most tragic things to happen to the program, and we'll leave it at that.


  • 4 losses(Total Offense rank - 25th)
  • Rix, Rix and Rix and I don't mean that in a good way, though did come on strong towards end of year, supposedly had turned the corner, HA.

  • UF game aftermath, Darnell Docket/Ernest Graham ankle gate controversy
  • Home win streak ends

  • First ACC home loss to NCState
  • ACC championships streak gone

  • Top 5 finish streak gone.

  • 10 win season streak gone.

  • Dynasty officially over.


  • 5 losses(Total Offense rank - 32nd)
  • Louisville loss, nice call in OT JB in the rain

  • Rix again, enter AD

  • Bowden starts AD to get the fans off sons back

  • AD stolen check/gambling fiasco, AD dismissed, bashes program, NCAA inquiry over gambling...

  • Enter Rix again, beats UF, yipee, then skips some exams and gets suspended for Sugar Bowl, where we get loss #5 for year to ex-OC Richt


  • 3 losses(Total Offense rank - 37th)

  • The "Lets Roll" slogan controversy stemming from the 9-11 tragedy

  • Miami loss at home, nice game Rix and JB, deep passes in a monsoon, good one

  • Tommy Bowden on hotseat, FSU plays like pop-warner team in loss, Tommy Bowden saves job, conspiracy theories run rampant, though we all know who won the game for Clemson, no not JB it was Radio...

  • Exciting wins over NC State and Florida, Rix turning corner... and parking in a hadicap spot, good one

  • Rematch with Miami in OB, no rain, same result, Offense stinks again in 5th straight loss to UM


  • 3 losses(Total Offense rank - 61st, as sidenote dead last in 3rd down conv)

  • Rix's last hurrah, ready to live up to potential and make run at NC and Hiesman, but fumbles along the way..

  • Lose at UM for 6th straight loss to Canes, another Offensive performance for the ages, there's no pot of gold at the end of JB's rainbow offense, Rix only player to lose 5 times to same team, and fumbles in OT to boot, good one

  • QB controversy Sexton, no Rix, no Sexton, ...

  • 2nd lost ACC title in 4 years

  • Home winning streak to UF at home, most cherished of all streaks, comes to end against a lame-duck-joke-of-a-coach in Ron Zook on the night the field is dedicated to BB and his stained glass window is unveiled, stained being the key word..

2005 - ???

So, looking at all this, can it be the coaching or is it the players? I tend to think we've got soft in the play calling AND the general coaching of these players. Since we already think they're all-stars I don't really think the coaches are teaching anything, but you REALLY think Jeff Bowden has been coaching our receivers AND doing the job as Offensive Coordinator? Things are looking up with the addition of Coaches Steele and McHale so I look for some really great things in the next couple years. I just hope loyal FSU fans are ready to take their lumps and do a lot of drinking after the football games.

And that's my 2 cents.

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