Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Met a girl today.....


Man, what a weekend...or maybe I should say 4 days. It was the best time I've ever had in Orlando. At least this time we didn't have to cart anyone out in a wheelchair...oops that was bad...well maybe not.

Got into town on Thursday and the drinking started...and then I drank, and drank and drank some thing I knew it was Monday morning and it was time for me to come back to Tally. I guess I should I talk about what all happened, but first a word from our sponsor....'s coming soon.

Anyway, Tony and I went out Friday night after he got off work to just grab some beer for the fridge, but then we decided to go into a bar next door for a drink. Next thing I know I am introduced to some of his friends that work with him, then his brother shows up and the shots were flying. The kids that Tony work with are really cool..some of them nicer than others..if you catch my drift. I just hope that I wasn't caught drooling..probably was.

Saturday was pretty tame...Tony called in sick to take care of the kids. Laurin was very out of it because her back went out. She felt well enough in the afternoon so we went out for a nice lunch and then took the kids to Shark's Tale. Pretty cute movie, but slow at some times, even for a kids flick. A bunch of my other friends went out to the Beer Festival on Saturday because they couldn't stay Sunday...HA! It poured. They went back to their house and proceeded to get smashed. I passed out that evening, so I didn't hear the phone ring until late in the evening....they wanted me to drive out. Now, this was at least a 25 minute drive, but since I was a tourist in town and I needed to be social, out I went. When I got there everyone was passed out basically, but I was able to have a couple drinks.

Sunday was BeerDay...and I was ready for some drinking. Tony's folks came by to get the kids and then we were off to another friends place that was going to drive us over. (don't drink and drive kids) We waited for everyone, but then decided to just go in. Randy showed up and it was really nice to see him. We started a little late, but it wasn't too bad. It rained for like 5 minutes, which thinned the crowd, so the guys took advantage while the girls tried to stay dry. If I talk about all of the Beer Festival I would write all night, but I'll leave the whole conversation with one thing. Screw running for State Attorney..I think I am going to run for Governor. I had so many people come up to me and chat it was hilarious. I had the "Nepotism Sucks" T-shirt on and I think it was the hit of the Festival. I got high-fives, handshakes and people just stopping me asking what was the shirt all about.

Well...Law and Order SVU is on. It's much more interesting that what I've been writing. I've got more to bitch about and more to talk about regarding someone I met, but that's for another time.

See ya.

btw.....thanks for dragging me out for dinner...buddy.

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