Thursday, October 14, 2004

Can't you feel it...Fall is really


Man it's been so long. I've been needing to catch up, but work has been a madhouse. I was going to take a "Mental" Day today, but I had to come in for a meeting with our new "acting" Bureau Chief. An hour and a half of meeting of nothing more than everyone telling their life story and what we actually do there. You know that I LOVE to I told him the story of Toker..and gave the link to my Blog... HA!!! Not even in a million years.


Since I was at work until 3:30 I figured that I would just stay until the rest of the day and get some things off my desk so tomorrow will be a lazy State Worker Day....and if some of you people think all Government workers are lard bricks that's not true. I mean of course we have people that just get by doing the absolute minimum, and then you have people that always go over and beyond. I have been both at one time or another in my tenure with State Government, but now I am at that level where I will do over and beyond what I do, but I will not let myself be used. I was always putting in late hours and doing everything that people didn't want to do, but it just became a point where it was expected of me and that's not good. You end up with no life...which I have now. I actually looked at my job description the other day. If I left there they honestly would have to hire at least 3 people to do my job. I do everything from TV production, to some network administration to telecommunications stuff..not to mention helping to run the Printshop from time to time....No wonder I come home tired all the time. Lots of responsibilities with little pay...but that's Government work.

Anyway, I've been keeping up with the Presidential Debates. I'll admit I am a closet fan (okay..geek) of the political process. I am a registered Democrat, but I don't expect the Government to give you everything. I swing on both sides of the fence for a lot different issues, but anyway, these debates have given me absolutely nothing to sway my vote to either side for President. I am almost to the point where I might vote for everything EXCEPT President. I don't like Bush and I don't like Kerry either. I've already stated before that all my President was supposed to do after 9/11 was to bring Osama back to America for justice. It hasn't happened yet and I honestly don't expect it. Kerry has some great ideas in foriegn policy, but I am not sure with him on domestic issues. I do know one war time, tax breaks should never be given. If you honestly think that people are taking the little 300 or 600 check they got and reinvested it you are sadly mistaken. All our money should go for the war fund and AFTERWARDS if there a need for tax relief, give it out....we're back to it's Version 2.0


I got a package from my mother the other day. She's been cleaning out the house before they come and level it and she found a bunch of letters that my father wrote. I love what she said, "Michael, these letters are for you for memories of your father in years to come. He's a good person, just totally confused about life in his younger years." Now I know that I am my father's son. I look back to when I was younger and I was just as confused as he was but I didn't have the responsibilities of being a parent. If you didn't know my mother and father was never married. She loved him, but because he was in the Navy and he was basically a "player", she wouldn't marry him. In some ways I miss not having a father while I was growning up, but I think I came out a pretty good person. I wouldn't change anything. I don't know when I'll get to reading them, but I am sure it's going to make for some long nights and some good journals.

Ronald (my father) called Mom the other day to see how things were going after the storm. They had a nice long talk and I guess he completely forgot about that I was divorced because he asked about Jeannie and I. I don't call him all the time, but in that point of my life I wanted him to know what was going on in his sons head. He got a copy of the email I sent out last Christmas, but I hadn't really heard much from him since then. He and his wife moved out to Las Vegas from Sunnyvale California after he retired from the Postal Service and I guess they are getting their spending out of the way before they come back to reality..(just kidding) Anyway, I got a letter from him and his wife with a listing of all the family on my father's side. I honestly didn't know how many brothers and sisters I have. Man, did my Pop get around...I am SO glad I didn't follow him in that regard. I'll be spending the rest of the year writing to ALL of them to see how they are doing and tell them what's going on in my life. I really think I am going to enjoy this....btw...I just got a letter the other day from one of Ronald's daughters...her name is Rhonda. She's 28 and she has two kids...Syerra and Michael. So I guess I don't have to worry about carrying on the name Michael in my's taken care of. I can't wait to get to know her...I can't wait to get to know all my "new" family.

What is it about a personal and a picture that drives people wild? I was sitting here last night deciding whether to write and someone found my personal and struck a conversation. I guess I have one of those faces that say, "Hey..I can talk to anyone...please chat with me." It's nice to know that people find me cool enough to talk to, but it's a heavy responsibility being Toker. I am wondering though if I should take it off because now women at work are coming up and talking to me and asking me about my personal....ugh. Why can't it be some of the STUPID HOT ones that talk to me...oh well. I do know one thing. If I don't get laid soon...nevermind...I actually have found some pretty women and talked to a few, but I think I am going to lay low in those regards. I need to find where I stand with a girl I've been talking to off and on since the summer. I don't know my feelings about her yet, but time if getting short as she's graduating soon. I probably have answers to my questions but I am just not looking at it hard enough.

Windsocks?? Don't even think about it.

Sometimes I crack myself when I write this....

Anyway, I should be working on cleaning my bathtub. I've been using the guest bathroom this week as I need to caulk the tub in mine, but I haven't done squat and I have company coming this weekend...(ruh roh raggie) At least the backyard is cut down a notch so at least we can sit out and have some veggies tomorrow before we go look at all the hot chicks...(Bullwinkles...$10..all you can drink..and real stuff too...and you can't forget AJs)

I think I've cleared my brain for tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow..the fun starts then. Got a confirmation from my friends Kathy and Keith that they are coming to the's going to be fun.

Good night all.

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