Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Man am I tired...

Good evening.

I just decided to get on for a bit and talk before I hit the hay. I might have a busy day tomorrow because of Bonnie....(I hope not)

Well I felt so good after starting this last night. I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but not had the courage to do it. It's kinda like doing it for the first time. You're going to be awkward and not know what you're getting yourself into, but after you're done and you sleep you feel SO much better... :)

Today was a pretty boring day at work. Everyone is on pins and needles because of this storm, but Tally always gets worked up over nothing. I am not even buying batteries or water or any of that crap "they' want you to buy. This place hasn't seen a real storm in like forever and tomorrow will be more of the same.

Talked online to my normal group of friends and also a new person that I met a couple Saturdays ago. She seems really cool. We really don't have any "deep" conversations yet, but maybe that's because I am not ready to give in yet.

I always give in...My friends can tell you that.

Didn't get a chance to much to talk to my really cool friend online. She probably was busy. I like talking to her...She really brightens my day. When I was really down back in October it was kinda like she was sent to me to bring me out of my funk. I owe her a lot, but she already knows that... :)

Sitting here watching Law and Order:SVU. I don't know why, but I really like the show, but I am a Law and Order junkie. This one is a repeat, but I still watch them religiously anyway.

Oh, I guess I was supposed to talk more about myself and let you into "my world", but I am too tired so maybe I'll save that for tomorrow. I just needed to clear my head before it hit the pillow.

Anyway, the "bong bong" noise just came back on so I better get back to the Idiot Box. It was nice writing tonight and I promise I'll write more tomorrow.


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